What we bring to the Boardroom...

Problems we can help with...

Why you need us...

  • You have too much to do.

  • You need someone to implement ideas.

  • You need to strengthen your business' leadership.

  • Not enough time is being spent on improving the business.

What we do...

  • We deal with the stuff you don't want to or don't have time for.

  • We openly share what we know.

  • We are skilled at strategy review and design, development of Target Operating Models and their implementation.

How we work...

  • We work flexibly according to your time commitments and budgets.

  • We question, we listen and we provide feedback.

  • We present options.

  • We agree key deliverables with you.

Who we work with...

  • Highly creative or technical Founders, CEOs and MDs.

  • SMEs, SMBs and funded start-ups.

  • Businesses in disruptive and innovative technologies.


Dr Tom Parsons

Founder & CEO

Deadpan AI

Pragmatiks Consulting have worked with us over the past few years and really helped us to refine our business strategy and operations...I'd recommend them to anyone out there looking for a Fractional COO, a mentor or more simply, to take care of the basics that allow you to grow and run a successful business.


Jim Conning

Commercial Leader, NED & Board Adviser

Pragmatiks Consulting are great operational specialists and leaders. They question the norm and are constantly looking to improve any business they are involved in.


Kir Petrenko

Founder & CEO


Pragmatiks Consulting's Fractional COO was extremely intelligent, motivated and high performing...he would make a great addition to any team...I would recommend them to anyone looking to bolster their team and take their company to the next level.