Developing a longer term plan for a start up in Artificial Intelligence

Our client is a start-up which specializes in big data analytics through its own Data Intelligence Platform. Their platform is a scalable software platform that uses machine learning and AI to uncover insights and extract value from big data. It analyses data from structured and unstructured sources and intuitive web interfaces simplify data analysis and visualize the results.


When we met our client, they were very much in start-up phase having built their Intelligence Platform specifically to deliver to several early clients. Revenue generated from these first clients was covering costs, but they had no time to spend time on planning their overall growth strategy or their product development roadmap and priorities were shifting by the day.


We sat down with the client on several occasions, often at short notice and to their timetable to understand their current offering, their clients, their aspirations for the business and its growth potential. We helped them to identify key risks to the business and to make key decisions on where they wanted to focus their limited resources. Working with the founders, we developed a high-level 12-month project plan; gave them some ideas on how the product set could be developed and worked with them on a more strategic view of the business and the potential opportunities. We were also on hand to help with some urgent operational issues and developed a rate card for them; worked up some options around how they should licence/price the product and secured free legal advice to help with contracts.


The client was able to focus their limited resources on delivering services to paying clients whilst we took away the operational challenges which were distracting their thinking and slowing down the business’ development. We continue to be engaged with client as and when we are needed.

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