How we helped an established business refocus their resources on big data opportunities.

We worked with an organisation which delivers and manages outsourced services to the public sector. They offer a range of services including Business Process Management, Enforcement, Street and Estate Management, Technical Design Consultancy and Task Enforcement.


We were originally engaged to support the Board to deliver their big data strategy which had stalled. Our remit was very broad so we agreed to conduct a full review across the organisation on what was understood by big data and where the opportunities lay.


After being given an initial set of key contacts and access to the company’s intranet, we networked through the organisation to find all of the key people we wanted to reach and who wanted to talk to us and we established that there were multiple views on what the big data strategy was. Working with stakeholders and the Board, we sharpened and simplified the strategic plan and worked with internal project teams to focus on successfully delivering two stalled big data projects.


There was much more joined up thinking on the big data strategy which moved conversations away from what it was to what needed doing. This allowed greater focus of key resources onto delivering a series of smaller big data projects which in turn, enabled us to communicate good news stories about the value of big data to the organisation. This started to ‘flush out’ more innovative thinking on the opportunities presented by big data to the company.

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