Taking away the 'pain' of GDPR for smaller businesses.

Our clients have ranged from a small barber’s shop to a medium sized firm of accountants and from a professional services firm to an owner-run e-commerce business.


The impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was causing concern for these smaller businesses because of the confusion created in the media about what it is and what it means for them. All the businesses had some awareness of the GDPR, but were struggling to understand how it applied to them and what steps they needed to take.


We worked with each business to understand exactly what their concerns were and shared our knowledge of the GDPR to make the business owners more comfortable about what they needed to do. For two of the businesses, we provided a proposal of the steps we could take either for them or with them. One of the businesses instructed us to take the problem away from them and we produced their privacy policy, privacy notices and documentation for staff awareness on what to do in the event of a subject access request or a data breach. We are still working with the remaining business.


We took away the GDPR ‘problem’ allowing our clients to focus on delivering to their own clients. We demystified the GDPR, thus enabling our clients to take practical steps to satisfy their obligations under the GDPR.

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